Impress your members and grow your revenue

Coworking is set to take off this year. You need a partner to manage that growth and help you attract the attention of prospective members.

Let RoomTap take the hassle out of managing your members and your space so you can focus on growing.

All-in-one platform

Solving the things that make coworking space management difficult without adding more work for you.

Room Reservations

With the RoomTap platform, you won't have to worry about double bookings or room usage budgets. We take care of all that for you!

Membership Management

Have limitations on who can use what rooms? Have a mix of 24 hour access and daytime only members? All of that is easy to set up in RoomTap.


Not only do we handle your recurring invoicing of your members, but we also track in-month billing events such as extra room time and membership upgrades or downgrades.

Dashboards and Reporting

By integrating your space with RoomTap, everything we track can help you better understand how your space is performing day-to-day and month-over-month.

Member Onboarding and Updates

Let your members tell you about themselves without all the paperwork. Never lose track of a member when their email or billing info change.

Mobile app

Make your space more attractive and easy to use. With the RoomTap mobile app, your members can interact with your space anywhere.
Support team

Built for you and your members

We're partnered with a handful of coworking spaces and have interviewed leaders of many more spaces to make sure RoomTap solves the right problems in the right way. We're building this tool for you and your needs.

Fueling up for launch

RoomTap is currently in beta with our pilot customers and will be rolled out in Summer 2021. If you're interested in being a pilot customer or just keeping up with updates, please reach out to us!